Professional knowledge handcrafted with the most wholesome, cleanest ingredients nature provides.

Bobbie Lynn’s Lip ‘n Skin was born out of a desire to provide my family with the cleanest skin care Mother Nature could provide.  After 30 years in the professional skin and hair care industry I decided to change my ways.   I cut out most synthetic chemicals that we’ve all become so accustomed to putting on our body’s largest organ and I started from scratch.   Imagine that…

The results have been a line of face and body care products that I’ve become quite proud of, but more importantly that I love slathering on because I know it’s nothing but good stuff for my skin.  I’m confident when selling these products, or giving them as gifts to people I love, and quite frankly I just feel better about it going down my drain.  We raise our own goats and honey bees and I’ve incorporated goat milk and raw honey into some of my soaps.  Ive formulated a line of emu oil facial products that will knock your socks off, not to mention some wrinkles.  Compare my ingredient list to any product out there, mine will make the short list…..and it’s good to make the short list 😉

This page is dedicated to clean products, a respect for Mother Nature, and a little bit of Rock n Roll…I can’t help it.

Bobbie Lynn