We are Loving your products here in Naples, Florida! Your products are saving my skin from the harsh Florida sun! I couldn’t live with out your emu oil and lavender emu butter!!! Oh! And all the lip balms tucked everywhere in my home! ordered your “Party In a box” everyone who has tried it is enjoying all the samples and rave about the lip balm. I have one friend who had pre cancerous treatment done to her face and can’t leave the house for a few days, she said your lip balm has been a life savor! I love it all so much I’ve placed two large orders in one month. Thanks again!

Trisha Shaw Naples, FL

I’m off to Daytona shopping wearing my Bobbie Lynn’s Lip ‘n Skin lotion and lip balm. Feelin’ fancy…lol. I love them.

Luanne Childers Pomona Park, FL

Just a quick testimonial. So as I’m getting older (ugh!), my skin is doing wacky things from hormonal changes. Normally oily, this winter it is getting red splotches from being dry and my lips are cracking for the first time ever, especially in the corners. The other day, I pulled out my emu oil from Bobbie Lynn’s Lip ‘n Skin and literally, in less than a day, the cracks and the redness were gone. LOVE THAT OIL!!!

Heather Meloche Rochester Hills, MI

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much healthier my skin feels since I started using your products.  I was skeptical about the emu oil but that and the rest of your face line has made me a believer.  You’ve got an amazing product, I wish you much luck.

Rebecca Hilton Virginia Beach, VA

I just have to take a minute to say, using all of your products together has been a mini-miracle for me! I stopped using the steroid ointment I’ve been using for years right away & just used the soap, oil & lotion..and wow, my skinned totally cleared up in 3 days, like it hasn’t been in years…it actually brought my mom & dad to tears which brought me to tears!  Anyway, thank you so much!!! JI’ll be back when I run out!

Jenny Anderson Roscommon, MI

Thank God for emu oil! After countless hours of nose blowing followed by The Rudolph Effect, the oil has been a lifesaver…

Brenda Hewitt Lake Orion, MI

I just received my first order of lip balm and I LOVE it! I really like well moisturized lips and this is the best product, bar none. Thank you!

Ann Kamego Wylie, TX

I have scleroderma, an autoimmune disease that causes hardening of the skin and many other skin problems. I had tried every product at drug stores and several other skin regimens. I decided to change my routine and only use Bobbie Lynn’s Lip and Skin products, more specifically the emu oil products. I get compliments on my skin now. It truly works on all my skin issues, peeling, eczema, acne and bumps. I won’t use anything else.

Beth Andreshak Shelby township, MI

Bobbie, your regimen you gave me with your products has been amazing to say the least.  I love everything about it and I feel so good using it. Thanks a bunch!

Michelle Bando Prescott, AZ

Greetings from San Antonio!  So, Its been awhile since I placed an order, but only because I am still running on some of the amazing goods that I had received from the Queen Bee when I had closed out my ‘Box Party’ (details on the website).  I Can’t Lie.. I’m a lotion & soap snob now.  And I get all put out when someone gifts me the store bought items, which are ok I suppose, but Bobbie Lynn’s is the only product that will make my troubled skin happy.  The Emu Oil is my favorite and honestly, if you aren’t addicted to the Lip Balms, fondly aka Lip Crack Or Crack Sticks..you’re doing it wrong!!  I have a crack stick on every surface in my apartment, 2 on the night stand, 1 on my desk at work and there is 1 in every one of my jackets. I am truly a believer in sticking with what works, and Bobbie Lynn’s Lip ‘n Skin works!  Thank you Bobbie Lynn!!
Beth Kenny San Antonio, TX